Steam Halloween Sale

Steam LogoIt’s Steam sale time again. We have tabouli’s permission to enjoy several items.

(9:06:15 AM) tabouli: walking dead / IHNMAIMS / Dont starve / New Vegas / Primordia / Vampire masquerade / amnesia / ns2 / monaco
(9:06:18 AM) tabouli: all keepers

I was initially curious as to whether Colonial Marines might contain $5 worth of fun, but apparently not.

(9:07:04 AM) tabouli: no bremen
(9:07:10 AM) tabouli: do not buy aliens colonial marines
(9:07:25 AM) tabouli: if someone offers it to you for free
(9:07:27 AM) tabouli: refuse
(9:08:51 AM) Bremen Saki: well i did refuse when it was full price but i expect a lot less from a game when its in the price range of a cup of coffee
(9:09:10 AM) tabouli: its not even a game
(9:09:15 AM) tabouli: its a broken mess of shit
(9:09:34 AM) apow: you’ll get less enjoyment from it than a cup of coffee
(9:12:05 AM) tabouli: you will probably enjoy the time spent downloading the game and being unable to otherwise utilise the full speed of your internet in the interim period
(9:12:26 AM) tabouli: more than the five minutes you might allocate to trying to understand the purpose of the computer program

Only a couple of days to get in on this, but everyone already owns everything on Steam already right?

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