What Is Jabberzac?

Jabberzac was formed in 2007 when the Australian members of notable Eve Online corporation “Goonfleet” followed the directorate’s instructions to “get on Jabber”. Most of us discovered that loitering in the channel while at work helped greatly with our productivity, and the “anzacsquad” channel became one of the most active and efficient mechanisms for the distribution of bullshit, astute political commentary and YouTube links that the MMO community has ever known.

ANZAC Squad family portrait
“Get on Jabber, it’s where we all hang out and where personalities are crafted and maintained. Most of the squad seem to be employed as professional nerds so they use it during the day as well. Use Pidgin, it has MSN and IRC and all that built into it as well, so you can sperg into #linux and #hentai while chatting to the rest of the squad as well as with the dude who helped you in Mal’Ganis that one time over MSN! Cool, huh? If Jabber is blocked follow the guide to Tunneling.” – Goonfleet Wiki, ‘ANZAC Squad’

In 2010, after most members had not been playing Eve for some time, and half the people that did play had been banned from Goonfleet for an unsuccessful coup that had seemed like an amusing idea at the time, “Jabberzac” moved out of its parents’ place, got a job, a domain name and its own Jabber server.

Somehow, it remains active to this day.