Jabberzac Meet

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I’m dicking around with video conferencing stuff right now, and I’ve thrown a copy of Jitsi Meet online at https://meet.jabberzac.org/ for you to play with if you want. This is a pretty straightforward chat system which works quite well. You go there, set or accept a generated URL for it, then you own that conference and can […]

Site Changes

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As those of you who regularly hit F5 a lot have noticed, the Jabberzac web site at  has been drastically simplified. There is now only one registration option and only one web-based chat client (Movim). If you were super hooked on the buggy Kaiwa instance or were the one person who used Candy then I’m sorry. […]

Elite: Dangerous Released

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Elite is now an actual real thing with a release version number and everything. Come play it. Want to play with us? We have a Facebook group where we’re coordinating some stuff, we’re putting information in a wiki, we have some forthcoming tutorial videos and we’ve already made some enemies. Flying spaceships is pretty fun. […]

New Server

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All Jabberzac services have now moved to a new server. Goodbye, “sreegs” and welcome “happysun”. There’s currently some weirdass shit stopping the web jabber service (note the new URL) from working with non-jabberzac.org JIDs. I don’t think this affects many people. In the meantime I’ve just disabled the ability to use a different domain.

Gob’s Program

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You are cordially invited to participate in the Jabberzac Gob’s Program project. If you put your own penus on Github, we will pull it if you ask nicely. For too long, “Hello World” has been the default programming example for many languages. It is time for this reign of terror to end. Please assist in porting […]

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

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Haven’t had enough Doctor Who this week? Check out The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, where Peter Davison pulls all the strings he can find to assemble a cast of dozens and fight against a terrible injustice in this 30 minute piece. Worth it, if nothing else, for the shocking revelations about John Barrowman’s private life and exactly […]

Antarctica Update

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Our Jabberzac-in-exile, Collutio, is now undoubtedly the southernmost of us, having arrived at Davis Station. He has updated his blog to talk about The voyage to Davis. Post includes bonus seal porn.