Today In Jabberzac


(10:46:26) benco: i literally have 5 volts of electricity at my disposal >: D
(10:46:40) ahhbees: :3:
(10:46:48) ahhbees: time to burn out your first led

Chapter One

(10:51:09) benco: i hope i dont blow up my arduino by fucking around with this hehe
(10:51:17) benco: im trying to set up a potentiometer with no idea what im doing :v:
(10:51:49) benco: ok that didnt work :C

Chapter Two

(11:00:41) benco: hey ahhbees
(11:00:43) benco: i just blew up my first led
(11:00:45) benco: :3:
(11:00:48) benco: it smells bad :C

Chapter Three

(11:05:28) apow: reversed polarity maybe?
(11:05:34) ahhbees: get the volt meter out!
(11:05:59) apow: a lot of good LEDs survive being reversed but it’s still not smart lol
(11:06:08) benco: volt..meter..?
(11:06:29) benco: hmmmmm
(11:06:30) apow: you got an arduino kit and you don’t have a voltmeter? :kiddo:


(11:34:12) benco: i want to get a rangefinder for my arduino
(11:34:19) benco: and just set it up so that when people walk near it it makes fart sounds
(11:34:22) benco: but ill hide it >: D
(11:34:27) benco: so nobody will know where the fartz are coming from