The Five(ish) Doctors

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Haven’t had enough Doctor Who this week? Check out The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, where Peter Davison pulls all the strings he can find to assemble a cast of dozens and fight against a terrible injustice in this 30 minute piece.

Worth it, if nothing else, for the shocking revelations about John Barrowman’s private life and exactly what it is that he gets up to on the weekends.

The Xbox One is checking out your package


Hey my eyes are UP HERE!
Hey my eyes are UP HERE!

Technology is awesome. We can make mathematical models that allow us to predict all sorts of useful information from our observations. Climate models are a great example of this, allowing us to step outside, appropriately dressed for what the day will bring.

Now thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect team, undoubtedly serious math has managed to extrapolate the location of your penis from the subtle effects it has on your clothing. We’re not far from a future where your tailor can simply ask you to stand in front of his Xbox, instead of just asking if Sir dresses to the left, or to the right.

The Humble Store

If you didn’t already own all the videogames in the world, apparently we now have The Humble Store, which offers discounted stuff with their usual charity-supporting option incorporated. This will allow you to believe that you have actually done something worthwhile when adding another game you will never play to your Steam library.

Also, the WB Humble Bundle is still running for another week. If you don’t own the first two Batman games you really should get them now because walking around being THE MOTHER FUCKING BATMAN is pretty cool.

The Box of Crazy

Some CrazyWho doesn’t love a good pile of insanity? Behold, The Box of Crazy.

So a friend of mine found this box by the trash, it is full of wonderful, crazy illustrations. Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29″ by 38″ and almost all the drawings are very large.

Enjoy browsing pages and pages of notes and drawings from someone who may have mixed up their bible study with a few too many hallucinogens – a combination that usually works out well.

Plus, some really fine examples of  mechanical illustration from the pre-CAD era and a couple of black and white nudie photos. This gallery has everything.

More details and commentary at /r/WhatsInThisThing.

Steam Halloween Sale

Steam LogoIt’s Steam sale time again. We have tabouli’s permission to enjoy several items.

(9:06:15 AM) tabouli: walking dead / IHNMAIMS / Dont starve / New Vegas / Primordia / Vampire masquerade / amnesia / ns2 / monaco
(9:06:18 AM) tabouli: all keepers

I was initially curious as to whether Colonial Marines might contain $5 worth of fun, but apparently not.

(9:07:04 AM) tabouli: no bremen
(9:07:10 AM) tabouli: do not buy aliens colonial marines
(9:07:25 AM) tabouli: if someone offers it to you for free
(9:07:27 AM) tabouli: refuse
(9:08:51 AM) Bremen Saki: well i did refuse when it was full price but i expect a lot less from a game when its in the price range of a cup of coffee
(9:09:10 AM) tabouli: its not even a game
(9:09:15 AM) tabouli: its a broken mess of shit
(9:09:34 AM) apow: you’ll get less enjoyment from it than a cup of coffee
(9:12:05 AM) tabouli: you will probably enjoy the time spent downloading the game and being unable to otherwise utilise the full speed of your internet in the interim period
(9:12:26 AM) tabouli: more than the five minutes you might allocate to trying to understand the purpose of the computer program

Only a couple of days to get in on this, but everyone already owns everything on Steam already right?


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